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Can a Person With Alzheimer’s Sign Legal Documents?

A senior man in a blue plaid shirt signing a document with his wife.

Legal documents can play a crucial role in helping protect and uphold individual rights, responsibilities, and wishes. When it comes to individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, questions may arise regarding their ability to make sound decisions, including legal decisions.  As the loved one of someone with Alzheimer’s, you may wonder whether they can sign legal documents. […]

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Does PTSD Cause Memory Loss, Dementia, or Alzheimer’s?

A senior man with glasses and short white hair holding a tablet. Sitting and smiling.

PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is an unfortunate reality for many people, especially veterans. When someone develops PTSD, it’s possible that it can have far-reaching consequences later in a person’s life. Several studies have linked PTSD to dementia and its related conditions. Being equipped with this knowledge can help make retirement planning a smoother process. […]

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How Alzheimer’s Patients Are Supported in Memory Care

a woman speaks to a senior man in memory care

As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, many older adults may struggle to live independently. If your loved one needs more support, moving into a memory care community may benefit their quality of life. Memory care communities meet the daily needs of the residents while providing many services and amenities.  Residents in a memory care community have their […]

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