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Personalized Short-Term Stays

Sometimes, all your loved one needs is a safe, comfortable place to stay while they recover from surgery or injury. In other cases, caregivers need a short break from their responsibilities to prevent burnout and improve the quality of care they provide to their loved ones when they return.

For both of these circumstances and more, we recommend respite care.

What Is Respite Care?

Caregiving is a rewarding, fulfilling, and exhausting responsibility. It can also lead to burnout. Respite care provides a temporary relief for you as a primary caregiver and your family to get some much-needed rest.

Our respite care lifestyle offers our temporary residents full access to our programs and events and personalized services and amenities to ensure they remain healthy, happy, and fulfilled while you’re away.

When to Choose Respite Care

Providing caregiver relief isn’t the only reason to consider respite care. The following are some of the most common circumstances respite care can help with.

Recovering from Surgery or Injury

If your loved one had surgery or sustained an injury, we can support them as they recover.

Our skilled and specially trained staff provides medical management 24/7 and happily provides your family updates throughout the process.

Life happens, but that doesn’t mean you need to worry about whether your loved one is looked after while you handle an unexpected event.

Respite care takes the stress out of life’s unpredictable moments without sacrificing the quality of care.

Respite care offers an excellent opportunity to try out our community and services and events before deciding on a move. We personalize your loved one’s experience to meet their needs, and they’re free to participate in all our events and activities whenever they want.

Whether you’re a primary caregiver or if you’ve hired a professional, regular breaks are essential to providing your loved one with a high standard of care.

Caregiver burnout can lead to stress, exhaustion, and isolation. But respite care can benefit both you and the one you’re caring for by providing you with relief and balance and your loved one with a change of environment and stimulation.

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Our mission is to provide a secure and comfortable life. We personalize all our residents’ experiences to address their physical, cognitive, and emotional needs.

See what our community can do to support your loved one by scheduling a visit with us today.

Why Choose Us?

Variety of Lifestyle Options

Alongside memory care, we also offer respite and hospice care services to ensure your loved one has everything they need for every stage of life.

Amenities & Experiences

The Fairways at Naples is proud to feature a list of engaging services and amenities. We design everything with your loved one in mind, from the meals we serve to the activities we offer.

Experts in Memory Care

The Fairways at Naples offers a leading comprehensive, holistic memory care lifestyle. We specially train our team to manage all aspects of memory care living, ensuring comfort, ease, and support for our residents.

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